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Tree Preservation

Keeping Vermont Green and Healthy

We can often offer alternatives to tree removal through proper pruning and installing support systems.

Let Us Help Save Your Trees

Sometimes trees just need a little help. Particularly here in Vermont, we see lots of forest trees that have never been pruned and grow near peoples houses. It’s not uncommon for these trees to have weak branch unions and multiple main stems that are susceptible to failure. Some times, these weak branch unions have already started to split.

All is not lost. In many cases we can install support systems, either of steel cable or synthetic material, that can greatly reduce the risk of failure. In addition, when splitting has already started to occur, installing metal rods or “bracing” can be an excellent method of preserving trees that would otherwise be hazardous.

The Root of the Problem

Another problem some trees face is stem girdling roots. This occurs when a portion of the root system starts to encircle the trunk below the surface, effectively strangling itself and blocking the flow of water and nutrients. While this can occur naturally in the forest, it’s often seen with trees that are planted poorly or suffer from compacted soil. This problem can often be amended as well. Through careful excavation of part of the root system and removing the offending roots, we can save a tree that would otherwise die.

Drilling hole for tree support system
Stem girdling root prior to root pruning
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